How did I evaluate the milk frothers?

  1. I read a dozens of reviews and articles to learn about various milk frothers
  2. I ordered six popular milk frothers from Amazon
  3. I used each milk frother to prepare a variety of hot and cold drinks
  4. I considered how easy it was to use the milk frother on various settings
  5. I tried out all of the provided whisk attachments
  6. I noted how long it took for the milk to heat up
  7. I paid close attention to how much foam the frother produced, and how long it lasted
  8. I considered how easy it was to clean the milk frother
  9. I evaluated the appearance of the milk frother on my countertop
  10. I used each milk frother for at least two weeks to test durability

What were the most important factors for choosing a milk frother?

  1. Able to create thick, long-lasting froth

  2. Able to create smooth, silky steamed milk

  3. Doesn’t make much noise

  4. Powerful motor that won’t break with constant use

  5. Froths both hot and cold milk

  6. Heats up quickly 

  7. Simple to operate, easy to clean

  8. Able to froth a lot of milk at once

  9. Manufacturer’s guarantee in case of defects